Lynnderella She Lived in a Swamp + a-england Dragon

I have had this…I don’t know what to call it…want? I guess it has been a want. I have lately wanted to wear my Lynnderellas. Yes, they’re all old. Vintage, if you will. The sting of being considered a show-off and beneath such an ARTISTE in mind and creativity has slowly melted away, and in the spirit of Halloween I have wanted to break them out again. After all, it’s just nail polish, right?

So here I am, revisiting some of my old polishes that I have kept. I’m going to attempt to post something Halloween-ish every Wednesday, up until Halloween. I’m not one for school spirit and all that, but I do like to (attempt to) participate!

This is two coats of a-england Dragon, topped with a coat of Lynnderella She Lived in a Swamp.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why this called out to me, or why I kept it. This is one of the original bottles from the Halloween 2011 collection, and all the bar glitter is a pain in the ass to lay flat. I thought I could turn a blind eye to the difficulty in application, but it annoys the crap out of me. Dabbing glitter on is one thing, and I don’t mind that. But stabbing unruly bar glitters is something I do mind. Maybe it was intentional back then, too.

The combination is still a nice one. In real life, you can see the sort-of duochrome-y-ness in Dragon. And I’ve heard that some people don’t like claw poses, so here is a straight-fingered one for you!

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Lacquistry Undertow + a-england Galahad

I don’t know if the magnitude of “Undertow” explains my love for Lacquistry polishes, but I sure do love them. This is one of three from Lacquistry’s Tool trio! The other two are Lateralus (which I also own, and you will be seeing on the blog soon!) and 46&2 (which I do not own, but hope to in the near future!).

Undertow is a beautiful blue glitter that sparkles holographically (yes I just made that up) in certain lights. This is one coat over two coats of a-england Galahad. I think they paired up very nicely; Galahad looks less dusty with Undertow over it.

It was kinda nice to wear a glitter without large hexes this time around. This felt simple to me, and I like simple a lot.

I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to see Tool live; every time they planned to come to Las Vegas, tickets were way expensive and they sold out within minutes. I think they’ve come to Phoenix a few times, but I think I’m at a point where I’m past wanting to see them with every fiber of my being.

One coat applied more than enough glitter onto my nails. I wouldn’t say it was similar to a Milani One-Coat Glitter, but I think the amount I brushed on was perfect; the glitter was the star of the show, and the base color was visible enough to compliment it.

This picture (and the next one as well) was taken under my side table lamp, so you could see the holographic sparkle. The dustiness from Galahad comes out a little more as well, so there is some form of contrast.

It’s sparkling water! :)

Lacquistry: Etsy

Speaking of bands I wanna see, I managed to see Radiohead with two of my friends last night…omg. Amazing. Totally crossing that off my music bucket list. :) I never thought they would actually come to Phoenix, but they did! It was a fantastic show, and I may upload some photos soon!

Thanks for reading, & have a great weekend!

a-england St. George

I totally don’t have anything witty to say today, except I hope your start to the weekend is going well! This is probably one of the biggest hits in The Legends collection from a-england. It’s a gorgeous color and will make anyone go “WOW!” when they see it.

This is two coats. I could have easily gotten away with one. I apologize for my cuticles; I was having issues! :( I must use cuticle remover too much or something. Juuuuuust pretend you don’t see those there. :P

I wish my lightbox would have shown the scattered holo better! There are rainbows in there, trust me! :)

Did I mention teal is one of my favorite colors? I love how rich a dark teal is; plus I can say that teal actually looks good on me, heh.

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I want to wish a happy birthday today to my friend, C.! (Or a happy birthday weekend, lol!)

And for everyone else, have a fantastic weekend!

a-england Dragon (aka TROGDOOOOOOR!)

Trogdor was a man
I mean, he was a dragon-man
Er, maybe he was just a dragon
Um…but he was still TROGDOR

WHY is all this new nail polish making me reminisce about Homestar Runner? I must have followed that website religiously in high school and college.

I still even have a few small pieces of merch. I still have a Homestar Runner keychain on my keys. One of my favorite hoodies as a “Raised By A Cup Of Coffee” patch sewn onto the front. Another one of my sweaters has a patch of The Cheat sewn onto the arm.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing; Homestar Runner probably influenced my humor quite a bit. They don’t update as much anymore, but I suppose I shouldn’t be too bummed about it, considering the website has been in existence since 2000. Isn’t that amazing? Props to the Brothers Chaps for making me laugh for almost the past 12 years (and possibly beyond).

I love that I can connect things that make me happy to other things that make me happy. Anyway. Onto the polish!

This is two coats of Dragon, a beautiful green polish. Is it just me, or is there a slight green-to-gold duochrome effect? I can’t tell. I can’t show it very well, but in the bottle, it just has this strange, magical effect. Like most polishes in The Legends collection (well, technically all except one!), this also has that gorgeous subtle holo finish (which is magical, but not strange).

Oooooh, look at that shimmer. It’s all rainbow-y! You know what I love about these polishes too? Not only do they dry fast, but they look soooo smooth when you’re done. I haven’t been posting a lot of swatches without top coat because I’ve just been sitting down and knocking them out one by one, so this is kind of amazing to me, haha.

Sometimes I like how the shimmer sticks to the sides of the bottle. It reminds me of smoke coming out of a dragon’s nostrils. :D

I want to run around yelling “TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!” when I wear this. I think I actually did for the hour that I did wear it. I’m sure the BF enjoyed it. :)

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The screenshot is courtesy of Homestar Runner. You can view the entire Strong Bad e-mail here, which is one of my favorites. There is even a flash game on the HR website based off Trogdor, which is pretty fun.

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a-england Bridal Veil

Hi everyone! Today is the first day of showing off the new a-englands I purchased from Adina!

This is two easy coats of Bridal Veil, a black holo. A lot of the polishes from The Legends collection have the same holo finish as Tristam and Lady of the Lake, which I imagine are Adina’s best sellers (and for good reason!).

I have to apologize for looking all washed out and pale…I had to pull the lamp inside for some direct light to display the holo. Plus the light made my pictures somewhat blurry! OMFG! I need a better camera. Blargh! My apologies.

The below photo is what the polish would have looked like, had I only left the lamps outside of the lightbox.

Application was super easy, just like Tristam & Lady of the Lake. I could have gotten away with using one coat; however, I put on two to be extra sure there were no bald spots. This dries pretty quickly on its own, which is a major plus!

I think all nail polish lovers around the world would rejoice if their own bridal veils were to glitter with this radiant holo. I know I would snap one up in a hurry!

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All three support international shipping, for you ladies in beautiful, far off places!

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