OPI I eat Mainely Lobster + Cosmic Pink Franken

I am so in on pink corals. Regular coral usually leans more yellow on me and turns orange. (Dior Bikini unfortunately does this.) The hues that fascinate me the most are the ones that toe the fine line between HI I’M PINK and HI I’M ORANGE. This OPI definitely skirts between both sides.


I love the shimmer in IEML. I’m down with HSP, yeah you know me.

(That’s, er, Hidden Shimmer Particles, if you were wondering.)

The franken was another gift from my friend Jenny. She is one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever had the pleasure of being friends with. Seriously, you guys.


Here’s a closeup of the franken. I think there’s tiny flakes in this one, but I couldn’t tell. It’s so sparkly and pretty, though!


This is two coats of OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster under two coats of Cosmic Pink. This was perfect for my super nubs. I have a tendency still to pick at my nails when they get too long, which is dumb because what I think is “long” is totally “normal” for the rest of the world. I just like having shorter nails. Filing is a pain in my side, though. I used to be okay with it, and now it just feels like such a chore! :P

Anyway, when I have super nubs that aren’t shaped very well, I like to wear nail polish while they grow out, but I don’t like wearing darker or loud colors. Sometimes I do, but rarely. It only takes about a week for them to grow out to a better length, so I just take good care of them


Fair warning to everyone, though: I Eat Mainely Lobster stained the snot out of my nails. I use ChG Adhesion as my base coat, and boy did my fingers look mega-yellow afterwards.

So what’s the verdict? Are you Team Pink-Coral or Team Orange-Coral? Thanks for reading!

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