OPI The Impossible

Here’s another quick post for this week. I have been very busy learning how to drive stick shift (seriously one of the hardest things I’ve ever done after driving solely automatic for 12 years…no for real, you try un-learning bad habits after that long), trying to find a new car, and packing for Long Beach. It’s been such a busy week or two.

Why does the mini set of this have no stars in it?! It bums me out so much that I only have one good photo of this (because everything else sucked and I have standards!).


I even refrained from adding top coat to this. I know, the things I do for you. ;P So the full-sized version of this contains star glitter, which is pretty awesome. They do sink to the bottom, so you have to shake the bottle up a bit. There is a bit of Dabbing of Large Glitter, so be warned. I wonder why this was the only one with interesting glitter in it; I mean, imagine if Get Your Number had circular glitter or something. Bubbles!

I did like OPI’s first foray into textured polishes with this, but the newer set coming out bores me to death. I like interesting colors and these ones from the Mariah Carey collection that came out earlier this year really caught my eye. I know it’s going to get run into the ground like Gangnam Style, but I’m hoping to avoid it enough that it still stays interesting to me.

Yep, it’s that time of year again, where I drive to California with all the rich kids in their mama’s Lexuses (Lexii?) because they’re going to Coachella, and I just sail right past them and take a straight shot to Long Beach where I visit one of my favorite bakeries, get some sun, and of course, watch some cars drive really fast. By the way, did I mention that I’m pretty happy that Toyota is giving celebrities a FR-S to drive around the track for the celebrity race this year? Cause um, WOOP.

If you want to keep up with my trip, you can always follow me on Instagram. I believe I used a combination of Hipstamatic + Twitter last year, but IG will be so much easier to use.

Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “OPI The Impossible

  1. Oh you are blogging again! AND you have made the switch over to wordpress! woot-woot! I am still learning myself on how to do a manicure and can only dream to paint my nails as well as you! Also, I need to remember to pick up some sparkly polish next time i am out. :D

  2. ooooh thats the one from the mariah carey collection that appealed to me too!!! i love star glitters! :D how was the grand prix?!?!! i’ve never gone before! my bf got free tix this year, but we ended up going to vegas because he needed to check out a school/transfer job location there. that’s SO awesome that you’re learning to drive stick! i had several lessons with a friend once, but i’m not very good at it yet :( my bf says that if his tranny starts acting up, he’ll teach me on his wrx LOL :D

    • Grand Prix was great!! We’re probably more about the food than the race itself, but going down to the pit area is a LOT of fun. Ummmm if you’re thinking of Vegas we could totally hang out! My parents still live there so I’m up there a few times a year. I’m still not good at stick either but I really want to learn. I just get really nervous and I psych myself out. It’s lame! I’m not quick enough when I switch gears and shifting while turning is so awkward. Also rolling backwards freaks me out lol.

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