Crowstoes Last Call At The Crow Bar + OPI Fly + Lacquistry Undertow


Haha, just kidding. I wore this on NYE actual, but I am just showing you now. Yes, I am lame!


Please enjoy my pictures from my bathroom since I didn’t have my lightbox set up (at the time). These are all pretty color accurate, at least!


This is 3? 4? coats of OPI Fly, then two coats of Lacquistry Undertow, and then finally one thick coat of Crowstoes Last Call at the Crowbar on my ring/pinky fingers on my right hand. I alternated my “accents” to my thumb/index/middle fingers on my other hand.

LCatC is predominantly silver hexes, with multicolored ones in various colors & sizes thrown in for good measure. It’s probably a little too thick, but a dose of thinner can satisfy your own needs.

Fly is a pain in the ass, and I may end up taking back my a-england Galahad from my swap box and shoving that in there in its place. I needed four coats to even look remotely presentable, and I’d rather have a dustier blue than that inconvenient mess.


I really like accenting my nails this way. It’s fun and I’ll probably overdo the crap out of it, but when I want to wear glitter (but not too much of it), I’ll do that to keep it interesting.

I think I resolved to use up a lot of yarn in my stash before I kept buying any more, which I’ve sort of done. I think I’ve been pretty good; it’s just the scraps and the leftovers from finished projects that kill my space. I have no idea what to do with them. I don’t really want to make knick-knacks out of them because then they’d just clutter up my house. I may end up donating them if I don’t find something useful to do with them by the end of this year.

I think I may have also resolved to wear ALL of my nail polish at least once, including stuff I’ve swatched (hurr hurr Rach) previously for this blog. You may see duplicate posts about certain polishes. Hope you don’t mind. I’ll try not to post HARE Polish The Sky Was Pink two weeks in a row. I honestly couldn’t help wearing it, though.

My last resolution, and one I should have started on after I got situated after my move, is to continue the NHL 30-Team Nail Art Challenge. I swear I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that it is driving me bananas. I just haven’t acquired the proper equipment to do this properly.

Anyway, that was A Lot Of Words. I’m glad you read them all. (I hope.) Thanks for reading!

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