OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips

Ermagerd! I’m switching it up! I’ll be posting on Wednesdays for a while. I also suppose this post is fitting for that Pink Wednesdays thing some blogs post about. Don’t worry, I won’t just be posting pink polishes.


Precautionary warning: these photos seem a little washed out to me. The pink is supposed to be a bit darker.


This is three coats of OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips. It’s a blue-based vibrant pink. I don’t know if anything blue-based looks good on me; maybe if anything, it makes my hands look a little dirty. I accented my thumb/index/middle fingers with HARE Polish The Sky Was Pink (with additional accents on my ring/pinky on my left hand). I love accenting my nails like that. I blame The Sneakerette.


I’m late to the party. I mean, obviously I’ve worn TKWP before, but I used a different base color the last time. This was a perfect match, though. That shimmer makes me squee.


I am trying out A Different Thing in which I stop using cuticle remover and just moisturize while pushing back my cuticles. I feel like it’s not working out so well. I usually forget to moisturize (plus it’s weird when you work in a lab where your hands have to be clean all the time), and even when I’m home I forget to reach to my left about four inches (if that) and grab my Lemony Flutter. I am pretty bad at that now. We’ll see if it helps, but if they start looking extra ragged, I am grabbing my Blue Cross and dunking my hands in a bowl of it.

Thanks for reading!

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