Lacquistry Sedona Red

Since there is a hockey game tonight, I figure I would finally show you one of my hockey polishes. Sometime last year, Lacquistry opened up some custom orders for people and I jumped at the chance because I have never had a polish custom-made for me outside of frankens and stuff. Since the Coyotes were in the middle of playoffs, I decided to have three colors made for me. I wanted to take three things that were Coyotes to the core: their old jersey colors, the Whiteout, and their current color scheme. I sent her a few ideas of what I wanted, and she did a great job making custom polishes for me.


This is the first one I’m going to show you called Sedona Red. It’s the official name of the color we use.


I layered Sedona Red over OPI Got the Blues for Red. My middle finger was painted completely with it, while my other nails were GLITTER GRADIENT’D! Sedona Red contains fine red glitter with larger black and white hexes and smaller gold hexes.


This uses all the colors in our current jerseys and logo. In hindsight, I probably should have gone with black and white bar glitter with gold hexes, but I do love this the way it is.


I wore this to our home opener against the Blackhawks. I can’t say we did very well, but it was a seriously fun game, and we were upgraded to the lower level! This is what my view looked like:

I have never sat down there, but it was pretty cool. The game looks soooo much faster than where I usually sit, and boy do those players look a lot bigger. The fans were a little weirder though, but I think I just missed my regular crew.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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