a-england Dragon (aka TROGDOOOOOOR!)

Trogdor was a man
I mean, he was a dragon-man
Er, maybe he was just a dragon
Um…but he was still TROGDOR

WHY is all this new nail polish making me reminisce about Homestar Runner? I must have followed that website religiously in high school and college.

I still even have a few small pieces of merch. I still have a Homestar Runner keychain on my keys. One of my favorite hoodies as a “Raised By A Cup Of Coffee” patch sewn onto the front. Another one of my sweaters has a patch of The Cheat sewn onto the arm.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing; Homestar Runner probably influenced my humor quite a bit. They don’t update as much anymore, but I suppose I shouldn’t be too bummed about it, considering the website has been in existence since 2000. Isn’t that amazing? Props to the Brothers Chaps for making me laugh for almost the past 12 years (and possibly beyond).

I love that I can connect things that make me happy to other things that make me happy. Anyway. Onto the polish!

This is two coats of Dragon, a beautiful green polish. Is it just me, or is there a slight green-to-gold duochrome effect? I can’t tell. I can’t show it very well, but in the bottle, it just has this strange, magical effect. Like most polishes in The Legends collection (well, technically all except one!), this also has that gorgeous subtle holo finish (which is magical, but not strange).

Oooooh, look at that shimmer. It’s all rainbow-y! You know what I love about these polishes too? Not only do they dry fast, but they look soooo smooth when you’re done. I haven’t been posting a lot of swatches without top coat because I’ve just been sitting down and knocking them out one by one, so this is kind of amazing to me, haha.

Sometimes I like how the shimmer sticks to the sides of the bottle. It reminds me of smoke coming out of a dragon’s nostrils. :D

I want to run around yelling “TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!” when I wear this. I think I actually did for the hour that I did wear it. I’m sure the BF enjoyed it. :)

a-england: a-england’s website, Llarowe, Ninja Polish

The screenshot is courtesy of Homestar Runner. You can view the entire Strong Bad e-mail here, which is one of my favorites. There is even a flash game on the HR website based off Trogdor, which is pretty fun.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “a-england Dragon (aka TROGDOOOOOOR!)

  1. I definitely have that same Cheat patch in my desk drawer.

    PS. This is such a pretty St. Patty’s Day polish! I don’t typically like dark green polishes, but this one is so sparkly and I love how in the light you can see gold and blue flecks.

  2. In high school, I had a black messenger bag with Trogdor stitched on it. There was a kid in my freshman science class who told me Mike Chapman was his cousin or uncle or something. Anyway, I was obsessed with HR. I had all of the Cheat songs downloaded to my iPod and my catchphrase was “I’ve got a Polish email in my pocket and I think it’s starting to melt!”

    So I think you are pretty awesome. That polish is pretty sweet too.

  3. I remember seeing one or two video of Homestar Runner. It didn’t catch much here :U

    BTW, you’re slowly converting me to holos. This one looks gorgeous! I think my firsts a englands will be: Ascalon, Galahad and Tristam. Yumm.

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