OPI I eat Mainely Lobster + Cosmic Pink Franken

I am so in on pink corals. Regular coral usually leans more yellow on me and turns orange. (Dior Bikini unfortunately does this.) The hues that fascinate me the most are the ones that toe the fine line between HI I’M PINK and HI I’M ORANGE. This OPI definitely skirts between both sides.


I love the shimmer in IEML. I’m down with HSP, yeah you know me.

(That’s, er, Hidden Shimmer Particles, if you were wondering.)

The franken was another gift from my friend Jenny. She is one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever had the pleasure of being friends with. Seriously, you guys.


Here’s a closeup of the franken. I think there’s tiny flakes in this one, but I couldn’t tell. It’s so sparkly and pretty, though!


This is two coats of OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster under two coats of Cosmic Pink. This was perfect for my super nubs. I have a tendency still to pick at my nails when they get too long, which is dumb because what I think is “long” is totally “normal” for the rest of the world. I just like having shorter nails. Filing is a pain in my side, though. I used to be okay with it, and now it just feels like such a chore! :P

Anyway, when I have super nubs that aren’t shaped very well, I like to wear nail polish while they grow out, but I don’t like wearing darker or loud colors. Sometimes I do, but rarely. It only takes about a week for them to grow out to a better length, so I just take good care of them


Fair warning to everyone, though: I Eat Mainely Lobster stained the snot out of my nails. I use ChG Adhesion as my base coat, and boy did my fingers look mega-yellow afterwards.

So what’s the verdict? Are you Team Pink-Coral or Team Orange-Coral? Thanks for reading!

OPI The Impossible

Here’s another quick post for this week. I have been very busy learning how to drive stick shift (seriously one of the hardest things I’ve ever done after driving solely automatic for 12 years…no for real, you try un-learning bad habits after that long), trying to find a new car, and packing for Long Beach. It’s been such a busy week or two.

Why does the mini set of this have no stars in it?! It bums me out so much that I only have one good photo of this (because everything else sucked and I have standards!).


I even refrained from adding top coat to this. I know, the things I do for you. ;P So the full-sized version of this contains star glitter, which is pretty awesome. They do sink to the bottom, so you have to shake the bottle up a bit. There is a bit of Dabbing of Large Glitter, so be warned. I wonder why this was the only one with interesting glitter in it; I mean, imagine if Get Your Number had circular glitter or something. Bubbles!

I did like OPI’s first foray into textured polishes with this, but the newer set coming out bores me to death. I like interesting colors and these ones from the Mariah Carey collection that came out earlier this year really caught my eye. I know it’s going to get run into the ground like Gangnam Style, but I’m hoping to avoid it enough that it still stays interesting to me.

Yep, it’s that time of year again, where I drive to California with all the rich kids in their mama’s Lexuses (Lexii?) because they’re going to Coachella, and I just sail right past them and take a straight shot to Long Beach where I visit one of my favorite bakeries, get some sun, and of course, watch some cars drive really fast. By the way, did I mention that I’m pretty happy that Toyota is giving celebrities a FR-S to drive around the track for the celebrity race this year? Cause um, WOOP.

If you want to keep up with my trip, you can always follow me on Instagram. I believe I used a combination of Hipstamatic + Twitter last year, but IG will be so much easier to use.

Thanks for reading!

Crowstoes Last Call At The Crow Bar + OPI Fly + Lacquistry Undertow


Haha, just kidding. I wore this on NYE actual, but I am just showing you now. Yes, I am lame!


Please enjoy my pictures from my bathroom since I didn’t have my lightbox set up (at the time). These are all pretty color accurate, at least!


This is 3? 4? coats of OPI Fly, then two coats of Lacquistry Undertow, and then finally one thick coat of Crowstoes Last Call at the Crowbar on my ring/pinky fingers on my right hand. I alternated my “accents” to my thumb/index/middle fingers on my other hand.

LCatC is predominantly silver hexes, with multicolored ones in various colors & sizes thrown in for good measure. It’s probably a little too thick, but a dose of thinner can satisfy your own needs.

Fly is a pain in the ass, and I may end up taking back my a-england Galahad from my swap box and shoving that in there in its place. I needed four coats to even look remotely presentable, and I’d rather have a dustier blue than that inconvenient mess.


I really like accenting my nails this way. It’s fun and I’ll probably overdo the crap out of it, but when I want to wear glitter (but not too much of it), I’ll do that to keep it interesting.

I think I resolved to use up a lot of yarn in my stash before I kept buying any more, which I’ve sort of done. I think I’ve been pretty good; it’s just the scraps and the leftovers from finished projects that kill my space. I have no idea what to do with them. I don’t really want to make knick-knacks out of them because then they’d just clutter up my house. I may end up donating them if I don’t find something useful to do with them by the end of this year.

I think I may have also resolved to wear ALL of my nail polish at least once, including stuff I’ve swatched (hurr hurr Rach) previously for this blog. You may see duplicate posts about certain polishes. Hope you don’t mind. I’ll try not to post HARE Polish The Sky Was Pink two weeks in a row. I honestly couldn’t help wearing it, though.

My last resolution, and one I should have started on after I got situated after my move, is to continue the NHL 30-Team Nail Art Challenge. I swear I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that it is driving me bananas. I just haven’t acquired the proper equipment to do this properly.

Anyway, that was A Lot Of Words. I’m glad you read them all. (I hope.) Thanks for reading!

OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips

Ermagerd! I’m switching it up! I’ll be posting on Wednesdays for a while. I also suppose this post is fitting for that Pink Wednesdays thing some blogs post about. Don’t worry, I won’t just be posting pink polishes.


Precautionary warning: these photos seem a little washed out to me. The pink is supposed to be a bit darker.


This is three coats of OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips. It’s a blue-based vibrant pink. I don’t know if anything blue-based looks good on me; maybe if anything, it makes my hands look a little dirty. I accented my thumb/index/middle fingers with HARE Polish The Sky Was Pink (with additional accents on my ring/pinky on my left hand). I love accenting my nails like that. I blame The Sneakerette.


I’m late to the party. I mean, obviously I’ve worn TKWP before, but I used a different base color the last time. This was a perfect match, though. That shimmer makes me squee.


I am trying out A Different Thing in which I stop using cuticle remover and just moisturize while pushing back my cuticles. I feel like it’s not working out so well. I usually forget to moisturize (plus it’s weird when you work in a lab where your hands have to be clean all the time), and even when I’m home I forget to reach to my left about four inches (if that) and grab my Lemony Flutter. I am pretty bad at that now. We’ll see if it helps, but if they start looking extra ragged, I am grabbing my Blue Cross and dunking my hands in a bowl of it.

Thanks for reading!

Lacquistry Sedona Red

Since there is a hockey game tonight, I figure I would finally show you one of my hockey polishes. Sometime last year, Lacquistry opened up some custom orders for people and I jumped at the chance because I have never had a polish custom-made for me outside of frankens and stuff. Since the Coyotes were in the middle of playoffs, I decided to have three colors made for me. I wanted to take three things that were Coyotes to the core: their old jersey colors, the Whiteout, and their current color scheme. I sent her a few ideas of what I wanted, and she did a great job making custom polishes for me.


This is the first one I’m going to show you called Sedona Red. It’s the official name of the color we use.


I layered Sedona Red over OPI Got the Blues for Red. My middle finger was painted completely with it, while my other nails were GLITTER GRADIENT’D! Sedona Red contains fine red glitter with larger black and white hexes and smaller gold hexes.


This uses all the colors in our current jerseys and logo. In hindsight, I probably should have gone with black and white bar glitter with gold hexes, but I do love this the way it is.


I wore this to our home opener against the Blackhawks. I can’t say we did very well, but it was a seriously fun game, and we were upgraded to the lower level! This is what my view looked like:

I have never sat down there, but it was pretty cool. The game looks soooo much faster than where I usually sit, and boy do those players look a lot bigger. The fans were a little weirder though, but I think I just missed my regular crew.

Anyway, thanks for reading!